Where perfect people are not allowed!

You may notice that our email addresses end in "nbfcspringhill.com" We have secured that domain name in an effort to make addresses shorter. You can use either version "newbeginningsfamilychurch.com" or "nbfcspringhill.com" for email or as a domain name to reach our site.

Social Media makes it easy to keep up with us. We post things on a regular basis.

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Did you know that anything North of SR 52 at US 41 is Spring Hill? So when you hear or see that we are in Spring Hill we aren't as far as you think we are!

We don't care about tats, piercings, or how many bottles or cans you put away. We just want to be a family to those that don't have one to lean on or turn to.

We love YOU!

Sincerly, Pastor Jonathan